Introducing a novelty in the clearcoat market - CM 10 in a new spill designed for even greater convenience and efficiency.

The new shape of the CM 10 can has been fine-tuned to fit perfectly under the mixer, making it significantly easier and more efficient to use the varnish. The reduced height of the can allows full use of the contents, minimizing the risk of dried product and wasted material. This innovative solution makes the use of varnish not only simpler, but also more economical.

CM 10 2K clearcoat is a proven product that has always offered a durable, matte coating with high scratch and weather resistance. Now, thanks to the new spill, paint application has become even easier, making it the ideal choice for professionals who value quality and performance.

From now on, CM10 is available in new, elegant packaging. The black label gives the can a modern and professional look, which further emphasizes the high quality of the product. We draw your attention to this change, which is sure to make our varnish stand out on the shelf.


Key Advantages of CM 10:

  • Easier mixing: The new can shape fits perfectly under the mixer, streamlining the paint mixing process.
  • Economical use: The reduced height of the can allows full use of the contents, reducing material waste.
  • Durable matte coating: CM10 provides high resistance to scratches and weathering, guaranteeing a long-lasting effect.
  • Modern packaging: The sleek black label gives the can a professional look that emphasizes the quality of the product.
  • Adjustable matte degree: The degree of matte can be adjusted by mixing with CP 1500 SRF to achieve full matte, medium matte, semi-matte or semi-gloss.

With flexible mixing ratios of CM 10 and CP 1500 users can achieve different matte degrees:

  • 100% CM10 gives full matte.
  • 75% CM10 mixed with 25% CP 1500 gives medium matte.
  • 50% CM10 mixed with 50% CP 1500 gives semi-matte.
  • 25% CM10 mixed with 75% CP 1500 gives semi-gloss.

CM 10, now in new packaging and with an improved can, provides easier application and customizable matte levels for professionals.

Check out our product today and see the benefits of the changes.


22.05.2024 12:08:53
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CM10, now in new, sleek packaging and with an improved can, offers a durable, high-resistance matte coating, easy application and customizable matte finish, meeting the needs of even the most demanding professionals.

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