13.11.2023 13:34:49
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We present a few words about how to choose a paint system and how to calculate the cost of painting, and explain whether using cheaper products always turns out to be beneficial for our budget.

12.10.2023 11:06:20
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Multichem was proud to present its innovations in the refinish industry at the 14th Dealer Congress, creating valuable contacts and inspiring industry discussions.

18.09.2023 12:51:47
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Surely those involved in industrial painting have encountered any of the following terms: AIRMIX, AIRCOMBI, AIR ASSISTED, AIRCOAT or air shielding or airless in air shielding.

13.09.2023 09:10:01
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Everyone makes mistakes, including a painter, even the most experienced, has a few gaffes to his credit. Thats why Im presenting some authentic stories, sometimes even quite funny, which can help you avoid sizable gaffes in industry.

29.08.2023 16:07:34
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Also in industrial painting, standard is a word that is used quite often. So what are standards and do we need them at all? Why were they introduced?

24.08.2023 09:55:47
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Those involved in industrial painting are certainly aware that there is a commonly used phrase: "anti-corrosive varnishes/primers." However, are all those with the word "anti-corrosive" really so?

08.08.2023 12:36:15
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Starting August 24, 2023, every professional and industrial user of diisocyanates should complete specialized training. This is in response to European Union Regulation 2020/1149.

28.05.2023 11:57:26
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Due to our ongoing mission to improve quality and performance, the CP 216, CP 297 and CP 278 hardeners will be phased out and replaced by new hardeners that are already familiar to you - CP 282, CP 285 and CP 286.

27.05.2023 16:58:00
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When we talk about innovation at Multichem, we always try to look to the future, aiming to make our solutions not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. Our latest product - the PROFIX paint cup system.

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