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Acrylic lacquer CP 582 1K

Acrylic lacquer CP 582 1K

Bumper is a one-component structural coat for recovery and renovative works on polymer elements such as bumpers, wing mirror bodies and rubbing strips.

For most polymers the coat needs no extra additives to enhance adhesion nor elisticizers.

It is recommended to perform test spraying to verify the need of using CP 390 Plastic Primer enhancing adhesion.

Recommended hardener ---
Recommended diluent ---
Shelf lifein originally closed packaging 24 months
Scratch resistance
Adhesion to plastic
Adhesion to ferrous metals
Recommended hardener ---
Recommended diluent ---
The amount of hardener per 100 ml of the product ---
The amount of diluent per 100 ml of the product ---
Drying timeat temp. of 20°C 12 hours
Number of coats >1
The product is available in following containers 1 L
The product is available in the following colours∞ - means infinite number of possible colours
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