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Color additive LS 01 02 03 1K

Color additive LS 01 02 03 1K

The LS product line currently consists of three different color additives with different visualeffects.

Each one of them creates a different effect:

  • LS01 Liquid Silver is a very fine and vivid silver which, in addition to typical silver toners,excel in airbrush work.
  • LS02 Blue Metallic is silver embedded in a blue base, thanks to which we will recreatetrendy and popular colors in recent years, such as the KIA M6B.
  • LS03 Glass Effect is a combination of a coarse grain with a very characteristic depth, imitating a 3D effect.

Each of the three LS additives let you to create with power of imagination individual and breathtakingcolors.

It is worth noting that in the case of recipes where an addition from the LS lineis required, our recipe software emphasizes and indicates this fact with a yellow marking.

The product is available in 1 litre volume containers

Shelf lifein originally closed packaging 36 months
The product is available in following containers 1 L
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