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Application CP 362

Application CP 362

The CP 362 primer coat is a product with slightly filling properties that may be used in the wet-on-wet method.

While preparing the CP 362 primer coat manufactured by Profix we should take into account that we mix it in the ratio of 4:1 by volume with the CP 297 hardener, and then we add 10% CP 040 thinner.

After thorough mixing we obtain a uniform texture that is ready for spraying.

After earlier sanding of the old hardened varnish coating surface the surface should be degreased once again to reduce the risk of varnish flaws.

We apply it using a HVLP spray gun with a nozzle 1.6 and applied pressure of ca. 2 Bars. In order to remove unwanted dust impurities it is recommended to use an anti-static cloth.

Thanks to the cloth dust from the workpiece is removed.

Primer coat layers are applied holding the spray gun at a right angle and in the distance of ca. 20 cm to the painted workpiece.

After application of the first layer we should wait ca. 5 min. to apply the second layer.

When we do not use the wet-on-wet method the workpiece should be left until drying or this process should be accelerated by heating the workpiece in the cabin or using a radiator.

After curing the surface we may start sanding.