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Color perfectly matched

Color perfectly matched

Refinish paint manufacturers competing in the manufacture of equipment, which intends to facilitate and accelerate the work of painters and colorists.

Painter uses a standard tool called formula software. Such program covers color bases that have hundreds of thousands positions. But is that enough?

Even the most developed and the most accurate database does not guarantee perfectly matched shade, therefore we need to take care of the appropriate technical conditions during this process.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that cars are often repainted and have a number of different shades. These shades are skillfully hidden by "shading", so a proper selection of color to one part of the car does not guarantee a good result for the other.

An assessment of the shade indoors (garage, workshop, spray booth.) constitutes another mistake that contributes to a wrong evaluation of color. The artificial lighting distorts the perception of color. Color must be assessed in the light of day, sometimes however too strong sunlight can be misleading. Dark colors (especially pearl), are good to assess in strong sunlight, in order to accurately evaluate the color and grain size of the pearl. Conversely, bright and very vivid colors are better to assess in twilight. Notwithstanding, using special lights imitating daylight is acceptable. Such devices are especially useful in winter, when sunlight is insufficient.

A trial spray seems to be another important element, often overlooked, unfortunately. Only after such spraying we are able to assess whether the recipe is appropriate.

It is necessary to keep in mind accurate reproduction of subsequent conditions of car painting which are: proper air pressure, number of layers and paint spray gun. Mini guns are often used. They have a smaller nozzle which reduces the credibility of the spray trial. As we can see, color selection is not a straightforward process. Particular stages have a considerable impact on the final result.