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“Helpful shading”

“Helpful shading”

Obtaining the proper nuance of the colour on the painted surface owes not only to the colourists but also to the refinisher.

Many brands of cars, a wide variety of models and colours is a major challenge for professional refinisher. Nuances of the shades in one colour can be seen already in the brand new cars. There are many causes of such differences. For once factories have different paint suppliers.

The other factor is that the same producers are selling his product in different countries. They typically think about costs that is why we can see on the new cars effect of this economy: not painted surface and see-through underside substrates.

In preparation for paint repair first determines the colour code, the next step is to match the correct variant of shade that matches the painted space. Refinish paint manufactures try to make the widest possible range of options shades but it is not possible to create recipes and patterns for all existing variants that are on the cars.

Often we can encounter with the factories amendments which causing also problems with matching on 100 %. We must remember that the techniques of painting can change the perception of the colour tone. Even the two painters who paint with same colour can obtain two surfaces with different shades. Faced with such situation repeatedly painters realized that the best method of matching colour Is the method with shading. Most paint manufactures have developed this method of restoration and repair and has prepared a suitable support materials. I can recommend the product of Multichem : Fade out binder CP999 .

Before use please read the instructions carefully and use the techincal advice.