SPM 7530

SPM 7530

Standard Thinner PM.7530 for 1K products is an extremely effective product for the industrial paint sector. Its unique formulation, based on carefully selected organic solvents, guarantees trouble-free dilution of single-component paints and effective cleaning of tools. The product also ensures rapid evaporation, so that paint drying time is significantly reduced. SPM 7530 excels at working with a variety of synthetic industrial paints, such as alkyd, polyvinyl, alkyl or chlorinated urethane paints.

The product's well-balanced blend of ingredients ensures not only excellent dissolving properties, but also exceptionally good flowability of single-component paints. Importantly, due to its production process and selected raw materials, it is a stable product, maintaining its parameters regardless of the production batch.

  • Unit: 5.00 l

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