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You cannot do it faster

You cannot do it faster

Why do you have to choose between high gloss of HS varnishes and fast drying time of MS varnishes?

Now, thanks to PROFIX solutions, you can get the highest gloss and HS coating quality in extremely short time in a single new product: CP 2015 HS X-Speed. Application of the revolutionary production technology developed in our R&D laboratory and application of the selected raw materials has allowed us to create a product that is characterized with:

  • perfect gloss achieved in a short time,
  • extreme hardness of the scratch-resistant coating,
  • smooth surface.

This innovative product will satisfy the most demanding users. It allows to shorten the drying time of the varnished piece:

  • dries within 5 minutes at 60°C (piece temperature),
  • dries within 15 minutes at 40°C (piece temperature),
  • dries within <60 minutes at 20°C (piece temperature).

Short drying time means not only faster repair, but also measurable financial benefits thanks to lower energy consumption.