Research and Development Laboratory


The first link in the process of creating our products is the Research and Development Laboratory. It is here that innovative ideas emerge, which, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and the experience of the team, can wait to be realized and eventually become Multichem's key products. 

We have advanced research equipment, and our employees are a team of qualified specialists who are passionate about their work. We believe that the combination of cutting-edge technology and the human mind is the key to creating products that are special and unique. In addition, Multichem's lab technicians are constantly working to improve existing formulas so that our customers receive goods that almost perfectly match their needs. 

Tests conducted at the Research and Development Laboratory also ensure that new products are not only safe, but also effective and innovative.

laboratory worker pours profix paint

Raw Material Laboratory

The most important thing in the quality of any product is the raw materials from which it is made. It is in the Raw Material Laboratory that all ingredients to go into production are carefully checked using the latest analysis and testing techniques. To keep our products at the right level, we do not compromise - every supplier must go through Multichem's rigorous verification processes to ensure that the materials they supply meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to the work of this laboratory, customers can be sure that each batch is made from the highest quality ingredients. 

The Raw Materials Laboratory not only ensures that the raw materials are perfect in terms of quality, but also ensures that they are sustainable and ethical. Each batch of them is carefully analyzed, allowing us to constantly monitor quality. In this way, we provide our customers with the best products that are also environmentally friendly.

Production Laboratory


The Production Laboratory is where we bring our ideas to life - it's where the already finished products are made and get into the hands of customers. To make sure they meet all of Multichem's high standards, production teams closely monitor the development process and test products before they go to market. We analyze every aspect of our varnishes, from chemical composition to application properties to durability and resistance to various conditions.

Each step is strictly controlled, eliminating any errors and ensuring optimal quality with each batch of product.

spreading a profix paint sample

Color Lab

The last stage in production, but no less important, is handled by the Color Laboratory. Color is a key and often distinctive element of many Multichem products. The teams working in the laboratory have not only in-depth knowledge of colors and their creation, but also the ability to adapt colors to customer needs and market trends. This is where unique and attractive color palettes are created, making our varnishes one-of-a-kind and eye-catching among others on store shelves. 

The color palette available at the Color Laboratory is extremely rich and varied. Our teams have the ability to create colors of different shades and intensities, and are able to adapt them to individual customer needs and market trends. This allows us to create products that are not only effective in terms of their function, but also visually appealing.
It is worth noting that a visit to the Color Laboratory is a chance for our customers to discover the endless possibilities of colors and their applications. Our specialists are happy to share their knowledge and experience to help you choose the ideal color for your product and advise you on any problems with the selection of a paint shade.

comparison of painted colours in a multichem booth

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