Our Mission

Our goal is to offer customers automotive and industrial paints and varnishes of the highest quality that meet their specific needs. We are committed to continuous development, introducing new standards and satisfying even the most demanding customers. Our team is determined to deliver products that exceed our customers' expectations and set new standards for the entire industry.

We value innovation, which allows us to create and introduce new solutions. Our flexibility enables us to respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of the market and our customers. We act with full commitment, taking full responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us and the quality of their execution.

Multichem company values

Our Values 

Multichem's operations are guided by five key values: professionalism, cooperation, reliability, innovation and flexibility. 

  • For us, professionalism is more than just skills - it is our approach to work. We strive for continuous improvement and development of our skills so that we can meet any challenge the industry throws at us. 
  • Cooperation is the realization that only together can we achieve our goals. We understand the importance of mutual support and appreciate the diversity of perspectives that our members bring to our team. 
  • Reliability is our ability to diligently perform tasks with full commitment. We accept full responsibility for the duties entrusted to us and care about the quality of their execution. 
  • Innovation - we are not afraid of challenges and are always ready to look for new and better technological solutions. 
  • Flexibility helps us to adapt quickly and efficiently to constantly changing conditions. We are open to learning and ready to change, which allows us to meet every need of the market and our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in the automotive refinishing paints and varnishes industry. We want our brand to be recognized around the world for the innovation, speed and flexibility that are at the core of our business. We work to ensure that our products and services are always at the forefront of technological advances and meet the most demanding quality standards. 

We believe that the key to achieving this vision is unwavering professionalism, reliability and the ability to cooperate effectively. Our team consists of experienced professionals who share these values and work once em with each other to ensure the best quality of our products and services.

Important aspects for Multichem

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