Body Guard from Profix: Revolutionary car protection. The best way to guard your off-road ride.

In the world of off-road and off-the-beaten-track adventures, where every journey means encountering countless challenges such as branches, rocks or gravel, protecting the body of the vehicle becomes a priority. For extreme driving enthusiasts and lovers of off-road escapades, as well as for those who appreciate the perfect appearance of their 'eyesore', we present 'Body Guard' - the latest addition to the Profix product line from Multichem.

Faced with the limitations of standard protective methods used during factory painting, which often focus only on the most corrosion-prone parts, leaving UBS-type coatings on undercarriages, our product introduces a new quality of body protection. "Body Guard" provides comprehensive, structural protection for the entire vehicle, including those areas that have previously been neglected.

Unique Formulation for Maximum Protection

"Body Guard" not only offers protection similar to that used on undercarriages, but also allows application in any non-metallic colour. Its texture, which adapts according to the application method, confronts today's trends of short vehicle life, offering a solution that extends life and enhances scratch and chemical resistance.

Simple and Versatile Application

The application of 'Body Guard' is extremely simple and can be carried out both at home and in professional paint shops. The product is available in two variants: ready-to-use after activation with hardener and in a clear option, which can be tinted to any colour by adding 2K acrylic lacquer or pigment paste.

Unsurpassed Protection

Thanks to its dense texture, 'Body Guard' effectively repels chemicals, oils, and solvents, providing protection against accidental paint damage. Its tough, yet flexible nature, provides unparalleled abrasion resistance, maintaining the coating even in the most extreme conditions.

"Body Guard from Multichem is the perfect solution for anyone looking for the best protection for their off-road vehicle, or the car they use every day. Whether you are a hardcore 4x4 enthusiast or simply value the impeccable appearance of your vehicle, 'Body Guard' is the answer to the challenges that an active lifestyle brings.


22.05.2024 12:08:53
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