Industrial Line


Simplex, our industrial coatings brand specializing in a wide range of high-quality products that are competitive in coatings markets throughout the world. With nearly 3 decades perfecting our manufacturing procedures and expertise, Simplex provides simple but effective solutions that are tailored to customers specific needs and environment. One of the brand's key strengths is the comprehensive color range available in each of the products offered, guaranteeing repeatable color for our industrial customers. Simplex is a pioneer in the field of mixing/color systems, constantly introducing innovative solutions that respond to the rapidly changing market requirements.

  • Simplex acrylic pigments are highly concentrated and provide excellent coverage in all colours. Our unique formulae provide intense colors that are UV resistant and hard wearing. This allows for a perfect surface finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and satisfyingly durable. 
  • We have our own color program, which enables precise color matching and reproduction. A cloud version has been developed allowing customers to access the program remotely and from anywhere in the world. This provides the client and applicator even more flexibility and ease in color matching. 
  • By using our spectrophotometer with automatic correction, Simplex ensures the highest color precision. This advanced technology ensures that colors are reproduced with the highest accuracy, eliminating the possibility of errors and inconsistencies. 
  • Simplex offers a comprehensive range of colors, with more than 40,000 shades to choose from. This makes the brand able to meet even the most demanding needs of customers, regardless of their specific color requirements. 
  • The Simplex system is suitable to be used with automatic mixing systems, providing precise and consistent results with every mix. This ensures not only high and consistent quality, but also efficiency and time savings. In addition, automation allows for color accuracy as low as 50 ml. 
  • Simplex products have a very wide range of applications - they are ideal for use on agricultural and construction equipment (ACE), buses and tractors, commercial vehicles and machinery, forklifts and lift trucks, as well as technical machinery and equipment. Simplex thus provides solutions capable to meet every customer's needs. 
  • The system uses converters and resins in conjunction with color pastes to create mixed colour. Among the variety of finished products are fast-drying 2K polyurethane/polyester and acrylic coatings with different gloss levels. The company also produces DTM primer enamel for excellent smoothness and high corrosion resistance, as well as 1K alkyd topcoats of very good quality.
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Refinish line


Profix is the market leading global brand targeting all professional distributors and bodyshops within the refinish and accident repair industry. Profix excels in providing advanced color matching systems with a comprehensive database of formulae for today’s diverse car parc. We also offer extremely high quality and great value ancillary products for all markets, irrespective of the environmental and legislation requirements. All products are manufactured to ISO 9001, and our production team pay special attention to the quality guaranteeing durability, resistance, and aesthetic appearance of the final finish.

  • We have five advanced paint systems designed for the most demanding professionals each with its own USP. Each system ensures it is possible to achieve perfect color and durability of the coating. All systems are designed with different needs of the market in mind, providing precise and effective solutions. 
  • Profix offers an innovative and ergonomic spectrophotometer that allows precise color matching. This essential tool is invaluable and can be used in conjunction with all Profix color platforms, enabling repeatable and accurate color mapping, which is crucial for a perfect end result. 
  • Profix's wide selection of top-quality putties will even out irregularities on surfaces before applying Profix primers and surfacers. These products are characterized by the ease of application and excellent sanding properties, ensuring the perfect surface in preparation for painting. 
  • Our ancillary range also includes acrylic and epoxy primers and surfacers produced using the highest quality raw materials. These essential products are crucial for preparing the surface prior to applying the color and clearcoat. The primers we offer our customers are characterized by excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, thus providing a stable foundation to the vehicle repair. 
  • Our MS, HS, UHS and VHS clearcoats are tailored to meet the diverse needs of professional painters. We offer a wide range of clearcoats that provide excellent adhesion, protection, color fastness and with some, very quick drying. 
  • Striving for innovation, we have created the Profix Refinish System - an advanced system that automates the color matching process. This unique system enables extremely precise and fast color matching, saving time and resources. It supports professionals in their work, eliminating the need for manual colour adjustments. 
  • We have developed innovative cloud-accessible software that allows quick access to the data, tools and resources needed in the painting process. Our software is designed for maximum efficiency and convenience for all users.
  • Profix Rapid Repair is designed for the refinish markets that require the optimum performance using guaranteed products, systems, and color but with less time than it takes to complete a “pit stop” in Monaco or Silverstone! Profix Rapid Repair will save time, product, and money. Using 5-minute primers and clearcoats in conjunction with our spectrophotometer readings we can reduce repair times to under 60 mins.
  • Profix “Resto” System is our market leading range of products that are guaranteed for the most demanding customer. If you have an “old timer” in need of the love and attention it deserves, you should look no further than our “Resto” range. Etch, Epoxy, and Polyester primers and putties will provide the perfect foundation with ultimate protection. Choosing from 140,000 global colours dating back to the last century will enable you to select the original color or something more “funky”, like a three stage candy to wow the crowds. Top it off with one of our premium clearcoats that will provide protection and a deep shine that will last a lifetime.    
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